Lockdown rules to be tightened around Glasgow as cases rise

Lockdown rules are to be tightened in and around Glasgow following a rise of coronavirus cases.

Under the measures – which will apply to the City of Glasgow, West Dunbartonshire and East Renfrewshire – households will not be able to visit each other from midnight tonight.

Care home visits will have to take place outdoor and only emergency hospital visits will be allowed across the three areas.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced the changes, explaining they will stay in place for two weeks but be reviewed in seven days.

“These are decisions that have not been taken lightly,” she said during the government’s daily COVID-19 briefing.

“They form guidance at the moment but we will consider if necessary putting them into regulation and giving them the force of law.

“I cannot rule out if we don’t see these measures working and being effective, that we may have to go further.

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“However, it is hoped that by acting quickly in this preventative way, we can avoid having to take further action or imposing any further restrictions later on.”

Ms Sturgeon admitted she knew the rules would be “unwelcome” as they will affect her too as a Glasgow resident.

“While I know this will be hard, it is essential,” she said.

The SNP leader added action was needed because coronavirus is “spreading again, particularly in these three local authority areas”.

Clamping down on household visits is particularly important because “we believe it is spreading primarily as a result of household gatherings”, she said.